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Founded in 1947 by our Pioneer Mr. Ghulam Rasool, CGR Transport was initially created to bring efficiency to the transportation segment of the supply chain, serving the wide range of vendors and retail outlets, Multinationals companies, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom sectors and Fertilizer companies and Feeds & Poultry Products all over Pakistan. CGR Transport is a great foundation and training ground for delivering just in time truckload, Cargo services with warehouse facilities.

Over Five decades later, CGR Transport still maintains long standing relationships with its original customers but has added hundreds of other customers, multiple service offerings and a variety of trucking equipment types. All of which has led to our consistent ranking as one of the top Goods Transport Company in Pakistan. (Good Transport Clients List Link goes here)

We complement our domestic and cross border trucking facilities and Cargo services with a full menu of freight management and shipment services that increase our capability and capacity all over the Pakistan. With a specialization in some of very delicate and careful handling load including pharmaceuticals, Pesticides and Edible items that require a full track and an on time delivery with caution, our expertise carries on to everything from less than truckload to specialized loads. We literally transport everything across Pakistan as efficiently as delivering around the corner.

Our organization continues to invest in the technology needed to drive efficiency, enhance communications and ultimately make it easy for customers to do business with CGR Transport. Our greatest motivation is to provide our customers with the most progressive, customer focused, business-enhancing service to develop and strengthen our relationship with our customers

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