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Established in 1947, the very first business to set up by our great founder Mr. Ghulam Rasool was of Farming, Crops cultivation. CGR Agri Farms is a family-owned business; it is a world class platform for agricultural crops, research and development.

Farms are conveniently located on the bank of the Canal at the outer skirts of provincial capital of Punjab Lahore, highly productive fields of 250 hectares. From modest beginnings the Farm has expanded and developed into an highly productive facility.

Today, the Firm manages successful operations in agriculture and food processing from wheat, rice, corn cultivation, harvesting and then distribution through our own trucking and trading network inside Pakistan and abroad.

CGR Group has launched an organization that has contributed to Pakistan’s economic growth for more than 50 years. With bold leadership and the support and hard work of its dedicated personnel, the Firm is recognized as one of the most enduring and significant businesses in this country. CGR Group, its allied companies and affiliates continues to embark on new challenges, reach new heights and write new chapters…..because the story of a pioneering spirit is one that transcends time